January 03, 2011

Stripey Flower Card

This card is very simple to make and is not costly to make!
How to make this card:
1. Cut out a rectangular piece of white card (approx 26.6cm x 25.4cm)
2. Cut a piece of stripey Designer Paper (approx 11.9cm x 11.6cm)
3. Using a piece of matching ribbon, glue a 15cm long piece of the ribbon 2/3 of the way down the stripey paper. Tuck and glue the ends onto the back.
4. Glue the stripey card with ribbon onto white card so that there is an even border of white around the paper.
5. Find some co-ordinating or white flowers to layer together with a co-ordianting brad. Glue the stack of flowers on the ribbon, to one side.
6. You can either leave the card as it is - nice and simple - or you can glue a message onto the bottom.

I have used my own white card stock, Kaiser Craft's "Pennyroyale Collection" Designer Paper, my own ribbed pink ribbon, cheapy white flowers from local craft store, stamp from Stampin Up range, Chocolate Chip Stampin Up card, Oval Stampin Up Punch and Scalloped Oval Stampin Up Punch.


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