January 15, 2011

Gorgeous Waterfall Card

This is just simply gorgeous! This is called a waterfall card because as you pull down on the ribbon the card pulls down and you are shown different images. Below are the instructions I made myself.

January 14, 2011

Cute Cross Over Card

This is such a simple card to make, and once you know how you will be using the template all the time! I have used Stampin Up! materials, but you can incorporate whatever you have available. Click on the link below to access the instructions.

Classy Privacy Screen Card

This is a very styley and classy card for that someone special in your life - whether it be a girl-friend, mother or even grandmother! I have created a link below so you too can create this classy card using my measurements and method!

January 13, 2011

Amazing Slider Card

I made this amazing slider card today from a template from a Stampin Up! Workshop. I loved it so much I have made a link so you too can make this fun card.

January 06, 2011

Sunshine Yellow Gift Carton

I also found this cute project at Split Coast Stampers and had some spare time... It is a wonderful project for those who own a scoring board and an oval/circle punch. It took me about a half hour to make this cheerful carton.

Visit Gift Carton Instructions to go straight to the correct page or browse through other projects at Split Coast Stampers Projects.

3D Pop Up Circle Card

I found this project on the Split Coast Stampers Website also. It was easy to make and does not require much equipment - a plate, scissors, card, tape is all you need! It took me about a half hour to make - including decorating.

Visit Circle Pop-Up Card Instructions or search through other projects at Split Coast Stampers Projects.

Cute Watering Can - Perfect for Mothers Day

I found this wonderful template at the SplitCoast Stampers Website and made it for my Grandmother's 81st Birthday as she loves gardening. It is super easy to make, requires little materials and takes little time (it took me 10 minutes).

To make this cute project simply visit SplitCoast Stampers - Watering Can Instructions or manually search through Split Coast Stampers Projects.

January 05, 2011

Flower Pot Card

I also found this on Amy's website and again adapted it to suit my materials.

Visit Amy's website ustamp4fun.com or click Flower Pot Card to go straight to the instructions.

I have used Stampin Up "Rich Razzleberry" Card stock, my own ribbon, Stampin Ups "Organic Grace" Stamp Set with Versa-Mark and local craft store paper flowers.

Cute Double Pocket Card

When this card opens it contains 2 pockets to place cards or notes in.

Visit Barb's website  barbstamps.com or click Double Pocket Tutorial to go straight to the instructions.

I have used Stampin Ups "Fast and Fun Notes" Stamp Set with the Chocolate Chip Ink-pad, Stampin Ups "Best Yet" Stamp Set, local craft store double-sided Designer Paper and brads.

Cake Pouch Card

I found this card (along with its instructions) at Amy Celona's website : ustamp4fun.com and adapted it to suit my materials and equipment.
I have used Stampin Ups "Sweet Always" Designer Paper, Stampin Ups "Fun and Fast Notes Stamp Set with Chocolate Chip Ink-pad, Stampin Ups "Cameo Coral" and "Close to Cocoa" cardstock, Stampin Ups "Eyelet Border" Punch along with Stampin Ups "Earth Elements" Brads.

Visit Amy's site or click the Cake Stand Money Holder Card

Gorgeous Easy Bunny - In time for Easter

Wow - I was so pleased with this project. You can use just the bunny for cards or make the whole project to carry Easter Eggs.
I have used Stampin Ups 1 3/8" Circle Punch, Large Oval Punch, Large Oval Scallop Punch (I cut the scallops off), 1/2" Circle Punch and my own Circle Punch for the body, brads from local craft store, a marker pen.
Click on the following link to see Amy Celona's Bunny Basket Instructions

Sweet Popsicle Card!

I found a similar design while browsing the internet and adapted it to suit the equipment and materials I had available.
How to make this card:
1. Cut a piece of coloured card so it measures 16cm (6 5/16") x 13cm (5 1/8") and fold in half lengthways. Using a corner punch, punch the 4 corners (punch corners while card is closed).
2. Cut 2 pieces of white card so each piece measures 11.5cm (4 1/2") x 6.5cm (2 9/16"). Using a corner punch, punch all the corners off on each piece of white card.
3. Glue a popsicle stick on the inside (where you usually write in a card) leaving about 4.5cm of popsicle stick protuding from the bottom of the card. Glue one of the pieces of white card overtop the popsicle stick, hiding it. Glue the other piece of white card onto the front of the card.
4. Using a Circle Scallop Edged Punch, punch out the corner of the card imitating a bite.
5. Embellish as you please.

I have used my own orange and white card, local craft store ribbon and Stampin Ups Circle Scallop Punch.
Visit http://pattystamps.com/pattys_stamping_spot/stampin_up_cards_projects/ to see the original project where I got my idea.

January 04, 2011

Amazing Origami Flower Card

I learnt how to make the top card at a Stampin Up Workshop and adapted it for a birthday card (below) for a friend.

How to make this card:
1. Cut a piece of card so that it measures 29.7cm approx. Fold in half to make a landscape card. Cut a piece of white card so that it measures 14cm x 9.9cm approx. Using a co-ordinating colour daub the edges of the white card with a stamp pad.
2. Cut a piece of card (same card as main piece) so it measures 16cm approx and thread it through the crimper. Glue onto the piece of white card, trim off excess.
3. Using double-sided Designer Paper that co-ordinates with main coloured card, cut a piece measuring 14.5cm x 1.8cm and another one measuring 14.5cm x 2.5cm. Glue the larger piece ontop of the crimped card and glue the reverse side of the smaller piece of paper ontop as shown in image.
4. Using the same double--sided Designer Paper, punch 8 circles with the Stampin Up 3/8" Circle Punch and fold using Petal/Flower Method. Glue each indivdual petal onto matching cardtock and cut around leaving a thin border. Then glue onto card. Now you can stamp words or place embellishments as you wish.

Image One: I have used Old Olive Stampin Up Cardstock, my own white card, Stampin Up Real Red Ink Pad, Stampin Up 3/8" Circle Punch, Stampin Up Designer Paper and Stampin Up stamps.
Image Two: I have used Razzleberry Card stock, Stampin Up Designer Paper, stampin Up 3/8" Circle Punch, Stampin Up Chocolate Chip Ink Pad, my own white card.


January 03, 2011

Baby Boy Card

I made this card to experiment with our new Baby Stroller Stamp.
How to make this card:
1. Cut a piece of  blue card so it measures 22cm x 15.8cm and fold in half.
2. Cut a piece of blue paper (I have used special paper for a Baby Boy) so it measures15cm x 10.2cm.
3. Glue a piece of 19cm white ribbon (tie a bow in the ribbon somewhere) onto the Blue paper vertically. Cut another piece of ribbon so it measures 12cm and glue horizontally onto blue paper so it intersects other piece of ribbon. Tuck and glue the ends under.
4. Stick 2 brads into the intersection of the ribbons as embellishments if you wish.
5. Punch one blue flower and one white flower. Stamp a baby carriage and punch the corners off. Cut a slightly larger blue square and punch the corners off. Layer them.
6. Layer the punched flowers underneath the Baby Carriage squares. I have finished it off with a "Happy New Baby" stamp.

I have used my own blue and white card, along with Baby Boy printed paper. I have used Stampin Ups Quick Note Stamp Set, Stampin Ups Circle Scallop Punch.


Olive Green Checkered Fold Out Card

I made this card for my Grandmother and I liked it so much I made a duplicate.

How to make this card:
1. Cut a piece of card (I used Olive Green) so it measures 26cm x 26cm and fold in half. Cut a piece of white card so it also measures 26cm x 26cm and fold in half.
2. Cut a triangle out of one half of the folded white card.
3. Glue the folded white card on top of the folded Olive Green card.
4. Using a piece of patterned paper (I have used Stampin Up Designer Paper) cut a triangel where 2 sides measure 11.3cm. Glue this ontop of the Olive Green triangle on the front of the card.
5. Cut a piece of Olive Green card so it measures 29cm x 2.5cm. Cut a piece of Designer Paper so it measures 29cm x 2cm and glue it ontop of the Olive Green strip.
6. Punch a white flower (or use a bought paper flower) and a Designer Paper Circle and layer them. Then stick the flower onto the band of card.
7. Stick each end of the band together so that it slides over the card - horizontally. Place 2 Old Olive brads if you wish.

I ahve used Old Olive Card stock from Stampin Up, Stampin Ups Designer Paper, Stampin Up Circle Oval Punch and Stampin Ups 1 3/8" Circle - I used my own white card.

Stripey Flower Card

This card is very simple to make and is not costly to make!
How to make this card:
1. Cut out a rectangular piece of white card (approx 26.6cm x 25.4cm)
2. Cut a piece of stripey Designer Paper (approx 11.9cm x 11.6cm)
3. Using a piece of matching ribbon, glue a 15cm long piece of the ribbon 2/3 of the way down the stripey paper. Tuck and glue the ends onto the back.
4. Glue the stripey card with ribbon onto white card so that there is an even border of white around the paper.
5. Find some co-ordinating or white flowers to layer together with a co-ordianting brad. Glue the stack of flowers on the ribbon, to one side.
6. You can either leave the card as it is - nice and simple - or you can glue a message onto the bottom.

I have used my own white card stock, Kaiser Craft's "Pennyroyale Collection" Designer Paper, my own ribbed pink ribbon, cheapy white flowers from local craft store, stamp from Stampin Up range, Chocolate Chip Stampin Up card, Oval Stampin Up Punch and Scalloped Oval Stampin Up Punch.