December 17, 2010

Stepper Box (also known as Fantasy Box)

I made these effective stepper boxes as "End of Year" Presents for my friends. You can place little trinkets or lollies in each little box. I have used Stampin-Up! Designer Paper and some of my own orange card. This craft takes approximately one hour to make.

To make these Stepper Boxes:
1. Make four 6"x6" boxes using the Easy Fold Box Method at
2. Make a 7"x7" box using the Easy Fold Box Method. This is the lid.
3. Cut a piece of card to 11"x7.5". Score (Fold) this piece at the points 6cm, 11.75cm, 17.6cm and 23.5cm.
4. Glue four 2"x2cm pieces of Designer Paper onto each front of the four little boxes.
5. Glue the four folded boxes onto the piece of large card at varying points.
6. Glue four 15cmx5cm strips of Designer Paper onto the outside of folded card. Glue one 15cmx3.75cm piece of Designer Paper onto folding over end of card.
7. Now you can embellish your lid. I used another piece of Designer Paper and a simple Flower I punched out of card that went with my other colours.

Note: Make sure you use strong glue to stick your 4 boxes on the inside, otherwise when you put objects in them they will not hold.

Have fun making this creative, gorgeous Stepper Box!

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