December 29, 2010

Simple Mosaic Frame Mirror

I found this at home in my garage from previous craft projects and used some left over tiles to mosaic it. This frame came with the center mirror (I think I got it at Spotlight) and was just plain wood. I used Dark Blue, Light blue and White tiles to create the pattern.

How to make this project:
1. Find something that you want to and can mosaic.
2. Make sure you have suitable tiles. They musn't be too thick that they cannot be cut with tile cutters but not too thin that they shatter when cut. (Unfortunately my white tile was thicker than the blue ones and I was left with a slightly uneven mosaic).
3. Smash or cut your tiles to desired shapes and lay them out in place leaving a few milimetres of gap between tiles.
4. Using a tile adhesive from your local hardware store, glue the tile pieces into place and leave to dry for 24 hours.
5. Use a coloured or uncoloured grout (I used white) and mix it up according to instructions on packet. Using rubber gloves (cut tiles are very sharp) spread the grout all over your mosaic and press it into the corners and gaps between the tiles. Grout dries fairly quickly so work fast. Scrape any excess away. When finished wipe over with a damp/wet cloth to smooth the grout before is sets.
6. Wait at least 48 hours before moving mosaic to ensure 100% that it sets.
7. To finish the mosaic I painted the frame with a white paint to match the grout. place mirror back in or stick a picture in instead and you are finished!

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