December 29, 2010

Mini Milk Carton Gift Set!

This is fantastic for when you just want to give someone a few lollies but don't want it to seem too small. These easy to make Mini Milk Cartons add a complicated flair to a very simple present. I made the Milk Carton Template myself, but other templates I got off Chiaki Haverstick's Website.
I have used my own Pink card and Stampin Up Designer Paper - 'Sweet Always" (now retired). Also used is some cheapy embellishments from local craft store (you dont have to buy from the expensive brands - search locally and guaranteed you will find some wonderful things). The hole punch in the container used is the 1-3/4"x7/8" Large Oval Punch.

I would like to make sure the credit for this wonderful creation goes to Chiaki Haverstick. You can find this complete with instructions at the following link:

One Milk Carton took me approximately 20 minutes. There was no instructions for the actual Milk Carton on Chiaki's website so I made my own pattern. The container took appoximately 20 minutes to make.
Note: There afre instuctions to make a container to hold only 2 milk cartons if you do not wish to spend lots of time on this project.


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