December 29, 2010

Cupcake Card

I made this card for my cousin's 5th Birthday. It is a great simple card for a little girl who doesn't really understand the art of card-making. People often forget that children don't appreciate or really "care" about cards, so making a simple yet attractive to them card is perfect. For a boy perhaps a car-shaped card or in the shape of his fabourite animal.

I have used ordinary White card, Stampin Up Rich Razzleberry Card Stock, plain lime green card stock, some twine, Stampin Up Earth Elements Ruby Red Brads and silver and pink brads (slightly larger) from the local craft store.
How to make Cupcake Card:
1. Simply rule the bottom of the cupcake to desired measurements. Cut and slip through a Crimper for the crinkly Cupcake Paper Cup look.
2. Using the bottom as a guide for width, free draw the top of the cupcake (there is no specific shape or size - be creative).
3. Pierce some brads at varying points in the white card (you can use coloured card for a different effect).
4. Glue the cupcake pieces (top and bottom) onto a piece of contrasting coloured card and carefully cut out cupcake leaving a border of the contrasting card.

Tho make an opening Cupcake Card, simply fold the contrasting card in half before gluing cupcake pieces on. When cutting it out, leave a border aroiund cupcake and make sure on one edge (preferably the side) there is a hinge for the card to open and close.

The best thing about this card is it is so simple and can be modified in so many ways to suit any female.


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