December 29, 2010

Giant Sunflower Mosaic on a Paving Slab

I found this giant paving slab in our shed and decided to do some sort of mosaic on it. I went to the local tile store and bought some cheap tiles. These turned out to not be for mosaicing and I could not cut them with the tile cutters, instead I covered them with a cloth and gently smashed them with a hammer. This meant that the mosaic was more like a puzzle because I couldn't cut the tile to the shape I wanted.
How to make this project:
1. Purchase a paving slab of some description, find tiles suitable for mosaicing and in correct colours. Make sure you ahve tile adhesive, hammer, tile cutters, grout, rubber gloves etc.
2. Free draw a sunflower design onto the sab.
3. Starting in the middle, break/cut brown/black tiles and arrange them for the center of the sunflower.
4. See my previous posts for mosaicing techniques etc

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