December 18, 2010

Fashionable Gift Bag!

This is a fantastic little gift bag which can hold anything little from soap to lollies! They are so easy to make and take 20 minutes!
How to make Gift Bag:
1. Cut a piece of Designer Paper (or patterned paper) so it measures 27cm x 14cm.
2. Cut a piece of card 7"x7" and use Easy Fold Box Method (see earlier posts) to create the base.
3. Place sticky tape down the back of one side of the Designer Paper and on the adjoining side (longer side). Then peel the 27cm side of tape off and stick it around the base. Then use the tape on the side to join to other side of Designer Paper.
4. I have used a 27cm long piece of card, punched it for a lace effect and  then stuck it over top the base to hide the joinings.
5. Now you can embellish it! I have used little cut out card label/tags on opposite sides of bag and tied them together with ribbon. I have also punched a flower and stuck it with a brad onto the front of the bag.



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