December 18, 2010

Cube Gift Box!

I learnt how to make this clever little Cube Gift Box at Stampfest November 2009 and decided to make it as a present. I have used Stampin-Up Designer Paper and my own brown card.
How to make a Cube Gift Box:
1. Trim a sheet of A4 card to 28.4cm. With the short side of your card across the top of your guillotine, score at 7cm and 14cm.
2. Rotate your card so the long side of your card is now at the top of your guillotine. Score at 3.7cm, 10.7cm, 17.7cm, 24.7cm.
3. The next lot of scores will be in the top and bottom third only. Score at 5.7cm and 22.7cm.
4. Cut the last scores that you made in the top and bottom rows (see below image), Your card will have 5 segments on it, you need to cut the horizontal scores in segments 2 and 4.
5. On the short tabs, taper the corners (this step enables the box to close with all the layers of the card).
6.  Place sticky tape/glue where the white lines are marked as above.
7. Use the middle folds to create a box, with the end pieces as half a box.


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