December 30, 2010

Quilled Summer Sunflower

I bought some bright Quilling Paper and foundn this pattern in a local library book. I experimented with it and this being the first quilled piece I have made for ages, it is not fantastic. Note: Camera would not focus very well :)
This Sunflower is made up of Golden Yellow Pinched Coils and a Tightly coiled Brown center.

Autumn Flower Card

This card was inspired by the coming season - Autumn. I have used the Stampin Up Card Stock from the Colour Family - Earth Elements (now retired) - Pumpkin Pie, Old Olive, Chocolate Chip to recreate the shades of colours of fallen leaves.  

How to make this Autumn Flower Card:
1. Find all of your Flower Equipment (stencils, stamps, cut-outs etc) and using 3 colours that suit each other while reflecting an Autumn feel cut out, trace or stamp creating many flowers.
2. Create about 20 flowers - vary them - and layer them as you please to create a unique look.


December 29, 2010

Giant Sunflower Mosaic on a Paving Slab

I found this giant paving slab in our shed and decided to do some sort of mosaic on it. I went to the local tile store and bought some cheap tiles. These turned out to not be for mosaicing and I could not cut them with the tile cutters, instead I covered them with a cloth and gently smashed them with a hammer. This meant that the mosaic was more like a puzzle because I couldn't cut the tile to the shape I wanted.
How to make this project:
1. Purchase a paving slab of some description, find tiles suitable for mosaicing and in correct colours. Make sure you ahve tile adhesive, hammer, tile cutters, grout, rubber gloves etc.
2. Free draw a sunflower design onto the sab.
3. Starting in the middle, break/cut brown/black tiles and arrange them for the center of the sunflower.
4. See my previous posts for mosaicing techniques etc

Simple Mosaic Frame Mirror

I found this at home in my garage from previous craft projects and used some left over tiles to mosaic it. This frame came with the center mirror (I think I got it at Spotlight) and was just plain wood. I used Dark Blue, Light blue and White tiles to create the pattern.

How to make this project:
1. Find something that you want to and can mosaic.
2. Make sure you have suitable tiles. They musn't be too thick that they cannot be cut with tile cutters but not too thin that they shatter when cut. (Unfortunately my white tile was thicker than the blue ones and I was left with a slightly uneven mosaic).
3. Smash or cut your tiles to desired shapes and lay them out in place leaving a few milimetres of gap between tiles.
4. Using a tile adhesive from your local hardware store, glue the tile pieces into place and leave to dry for 24 hours.
5. Use a coloured or uncoloured grout (I used white) and mix it up according to instructions on packet. Using rubber gloves (cut tiles are very sharp) spread the grout all over your mosaic and press it into the corners and gaps between the tiles. Grout dries fairly quickly so work fast. Scrape any excess away. When finished wipe over with a damp/wet cloth to smooth the grout before is sets.
6. Wait at least 48 hours before moving mosaic to ensure 100% that it sets.
7. To finish the mosaic I painted the frame with a white paint to match the grout. place mirror back in or stick a picture in instead and you are finished!

Cupcake Card

I made this card for my cousin's 5th Birthday. It is a great simple card for a little girl who doesn't really understand the art of card-making. People often forget that children don't appreciate or really "care" about cards, so making a simple yet attractive to them card is perfect. For a boy perhaps a car-shaped card or in the shape of his fabourite animal.

I have used ordinary White card, Stampin Up Rich Razzleberry Card Stock, plain lime green card stock, some twine, Stampin Up Earth Elements Ruby Red Brads and silver and pink brads (slightly larger) from the local craft store.
How to make Cupcake Card:
1. Simply rule the bottom of the cupcake to desired measurements. Cut and slip through a Crimper for the crinkly Cupcake Paper Cup look.
2. Using the bottom as a guide for width, free draw the top of the cupcake (there is no specific shape or size - be creative).
3. Pierce some brads at varying points in the white card (you can use coloured card for a different effect).
4. Glue the cupcake pieces (top and bottom) onto a piece of contrasting coloured card and carefully cut out cupcake leaving a border of the contrasting card.

Tho make an opening Cupcake Card, simply fold the contrasting card in half before gluing cupcake pieces on. When cutting it out, leave a border aroiund cupcake and make sure on one edge (preferably the side) there is a hinge for the card to open and close.

The best thing about this card is it is so simple and can be modified in so many ways to suit any female.


Make your own Fantastic Storage System!

I found this amazing kit at my local craft store for a cheap price. This kit contained the shelving and boxes for you to put together yourself. All you needed was PVA and some Designer Paper. This kit is one of the many Kaiser-Craft Range.

My completed Kaiser-Craft Drawer Set

All you need to do is assemble the shelves with PVA (they slot together) and cover the boxes with Paper. I have used a coat of Roman Coffee Paint from the local Resene shop and Kaiser-Craft Design Paper (all paper is from the same family so it matches).


Mini Milk Carton Gift Set!

This is fantastic for when you just want to give someone a few lollies but don't want it to seem too small. These easy to make Mini Milk Cartons add a complicated flair to a very simple present. I made the Milk Carton Template myself, but other templates I got off Chiaki Haverstick's Website.
I have used my own Pink card and Stampin Up Designer Paper - 'Sweet Always" (now retired). Also used is some cheapy embellishments from local craft store (you dont have to buy from the expensive brands - search locally and guaranteed you will find some wonderful things). The hole punch in the container used is the 1-3/4"x7/8" Large Oval Punch.

I would like to make sure the credit for this wonderful creation goes to Chiaki Haverstick. You can find this complete with instructions at the following link:

One Milk Carton took me approximately 20 minutes. There was no instructions for the actual Milk Carton on Chiaki's website so I made my own pattern. The container took appoximately 20 minutes to make.
Note: There afre instuctions to make a container to hold only 2 milk cartons if you do not wish to spend lots of time on this project.


December 21, 2010

Origami 3D Flower Ball!

I saw this at my local craft store and went online to It took ages to make, but was well worth it once finished.

Kaiser-Craft has step-by-step instructions so that even a beginner can make theri projects (this particular project is not recommended for beginners though).

Make one flower or make 12 to make this spectacular Origami Ball....

Mini Handbag + Mini Cards!

I found this wonderful website which had many wonderful creations on it. This is the first one I made from this website and it turned out wonderfully. I have used card from Stampin Ups Earth Elements Set and some Designer Paper from a local craft store. I have also used Stampin Ups Oval Scallop Punch, Oval Punch, Paper Trimmer, Lace Edge Punch, Circle Scallop Punch and 3/8" Circle Punch. This project took me about One Hour to complete.
Instructions for this Mini Handbag + Mini Card Set can be found at Chiaki Haversticks Website : I really recommend this website.

Materials Needed for this Project:
1 Piece of Designer Paper 12"x12"
2 Pieces of A4 Coloured Card
Assorted Punches
Paper Trimmer with Scorer Blade
Glue/Sticky Tape
Six 3"x6" White Card for mini Notecards

December 18, 2010

Fashionable Gift Bag!

This is a fantastic little gift bag which can hold anything little from soap to lollies! They are so easy to make and take 20 minutes!
How to make Gift Bag:
1. Cut a piece of Designer Paper (or patterned paper) so it measures 27cm x 14cm.
2. Cut a piece of card 7"x7" and use Easy Fold Box Method (see earlier posts) to create the base.
3. Place sticky tape down the back of one side of the Designer Paper and on the adjoining side (longer side). Then peel the 27cm side of tape off and stick it around the base. Then use the tape on the side to join to other side of Designer Paper.
4. I have used a 27cm long piece of card, punched it for a lace effect and  then stuck it over top the base to hide the joinings.
5. Now you can embellish it! I have used little cut out card label/tags on opposite sides of bag and tied them together with ribbon. I have also punched a flower and stuck it with a brad onto the front of the bag.



Cube Gift Box!

I learnt how to make this clever little Cube Gift Box at Stampfest November 2009 and decided to make it as a present. I have used Stampin-Up Designer Paper and my own brown card.
How to make a Cube Gift Box:
1. Trim a sheet of A4 card to 28.4cm. With the short side of your card across the top of your guillotine, score at 7cm and 14cm.
2. Rotate your card so the long side of your card is now at the top of your guillotine. Score at 3.7cm, 10.7cm, 17.7cm, 24.7cm.
3. The next lot of scores will be in the top and bottom third only. Score at 5.7cm and 22.7cm.
4. Cut the last scores that you made in the top and bottom rows (see below image), Your card will have 5 segments on it, you need to cut the horizontal scores in segments 2 and 4.
5. On the short tabs, taper the corners (this step enables the box to close with all the layers of the card).
6.  Place sticky tape/glue where the white lines are marked as above.
7. Use the middle folds to create a box, with the end pieces as half a box.


December 17, 2010

Stepper Box (also known as Fantasy Box)

I made these effective stepper boxes as "End of Year" Presents for my friends. You can place little trinkets or lollies in each little box. I have used Stampin-Up! Designer Paper and some of my own orange card. This craft takes approximately one hour to make.

To make these Stepper Boxes:
1. Make four 6"x6" boxes using the Easy Fold Box Method at
2. Make a 7"x7" box using the Easy Fold Box Method. This is the lid.
3. Cut a piece of card to 11"x7.5". Score (Fold) this piece at the points 6cm, 11.75cm, 17.6cm and 23.5cm.
4. Glue four 2"x2cm pieces of Designer Paper onto each front of the four little boxes.
5. Glue the four folded boxes onto the piece of large card at varying points.
6. Glue four 15cmx5cm strips of Designer Paper onto the outside of folded card. Glue one 15cmx3.75cm piece of Designer Paper onto folding over end of card.
7. Now you can embellish your lid. I used another piece of Designer Paper and a simple Flower I punched out of card that went with my other colours.

Note: Make sure you use strong glue to stick your 4 boxes on the inside, otherwise when you put objects in them they will not hold.

Have fun making this creative, gorgeous Stepper Box!

Harry Houdini

This is Harry Houdini, my Kune-Kune piglet. He was born on the 6th March 2010.